Sunday, December 16, 2012

My, my!  Where has this past year+ gone?  Blogging isn't my favorite, but for posting in an online mystery quilt, I must link to my block.  So I'm back......

I decided to try Bonnie K. Hunter's Mystery Quilt - Easy Street this time.  I am not totally sure about the colors, but here they are:

Step 1 - a four patch of Gray and Black on White - all 192 of them.  I took a small sewing machine with me to our Thanksgiving destination and avoided the stores on Friday to get these finished!

Step 2 - Flying geese in Purple and Black on White - made with two rules I wish I had learned years ago. The geese, once I learned the rulers, were simple.

Step 3- Adding Turquoise to the Purples and Black on Whites.  I am still okay with the colors and am loving learning new ways to work with these small pieces. 

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