Monday, December 24, 2012

Quilt Inspectors

Quilt Inspecting at its Finest!!

And my quilt inspectors were present and accounted for:

Rowdie who likes to watch too closely
Youngest and most energetic

Roamer who loves a pile of fabric
Sandy who is always quietly present and supportive


Easy Street - Part 5

Bonnie K. Hunter promised easier for Christmas and her "sitting turkeys" were not that bad.  Ready for step 6.....

More for Christmas and for Newtown, CT

The weekend was busy.  There was a call out for pillow cases and sharks/dolls for the children of Newtown, CT who were in the school at the time of the shootings and the surviving siblings of those who died.  So, sew I did.

Also spent a few minutes working on two blocks for a fellow quilter who's new grandson was born very premature and she had not had time to make a quilt.  A few of us sent her blocks to give her a head start.
I worked on the Block Party for January, but I can't show those blocks just yet.  Part of the surprise!!
Christmas Eve morning found me sitting at the table with Pinterest up and making candy sleighs.

And that wasn't all, but has been fun!!  Now to finish and post Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Part 5.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Time

I have been busy.  Here are a few shots of Christmas presents and decorations that have occupied a good bit of my sewing time.
A music themed quilt for Betty's nephew.
A tall, skinny Santa - made with pieces no bigger than 1-3/8" square and some smaller.  This tested my patience.

A couple of quilt retreats.
32 Cuddle/Minkie Infinitiy Scarves ready for Christmas gifting.....  I also made 11 crocheted Infinity Scarves, but I managed to sell them before I could get a picture. 
I have taken several classes and have learned a lot of new techniques as well.  Been an interesting few months.

Step 4 - Easy Street

Step 4 - More Flying Geese this time with Turquoise and Purple - only 64 this time.  Then you sewed the Purple and Black on White to the Purple and Turquoise.  Okay - back to at least 3.5" squares finally.  Next cutting assignment is 145 -3.5" squares from limey green (now I am concerned - not my favorite color).
My, my!  Where has this past year+ gone?  Blogging isn't my favorite, but for posting in an online mystery quilt, I must link to my block.  So I'm back......

I decided to try Bonnie K. Hunter's Mystery Quilt - Easy Street this time.  I am not totally sure about the colors, but here they are:

Step 1 - a four patch of Gray and Black on White - all 192 of them.  I took a small sewing machine with me to our Thanksgiving destination and avoided the stores on Friday to get these finished!

Step 2 - Flying geese in Purple and Black on White - made with two rules I wish I had learned years ago. The geese, once I learned the rulers, were simple.

Step 3- Adding Turquoise to the Purples and Black on Whites.  I am still okay with the colors and am loving learning new ways to work with these small pieces.