Monday, December 24, 2012

More for Christmas and for Newtown, CT

The weekend was busy.  There was a call out for pillow cases and sharks/dolls for the children of Newtown, CT who were in the school at the time of the shootings and the surviving siblings of those who died.  So, sew I did.

Also spent a few minutes working on two blocks for a fellow quilter who's new grandson was born very premature and she had not had time to make a quilt.  A few of us sent her blocks to give her a head start.
I worked on the Block Party for January, but I can't show those blocks just yet.  Part of the surprise!!
Christmas Eve morning found me sitting at the table with Pinterest up and making candy sleighs.

And that wasn't all, but has been fun!!  Now to finish and post Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Part 5.

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