Monday, October 13, 2014

Around the Word Blog Hop

   When Ami messaged and asked me to participate, my only thought was "do I really want folks to see I haven't posted since December 2013?"  A real blogger I am not, nor do I pretend to be!  I began blogging in order to participate with the Linky Monday with Bonnie Hunter's Mystery each year.  Last year I learned that all you needed was a Flickr account and I had one of those that I used regularly.

      To catch up, this year has been busy.  I began the year with the death of my mother, my last parent.  As a caregiver for husband's parents and my parents, I was growing weary, but that job was over for the time being.  I dove into getting my long arm up and working properly.  It is a far sight better today than it has been for the five years I have owned it.  I have taken classes on the machine and computer work and demonstrated competency.  I have purchased a new and heavier frame.  I have upgraded all electronics through Dekk't Out Quilting Supply.  I have managed to quilt 5 tops on my equipment in addition to the 4 quilted on the HandiQuilter at Suzanne's Quilt Shop in Moultrie.  Three of those quilts appeared in and around the Jacksonville Quiltfest at the end of September.  One has since gone on to be used to raise funds for a local community.  I can't wait to hear how much it makes.

      Below are pictures of several of the items I have finished this year or at least have gotten to top stage.  I have also completed several puff quilts - which remain in demand by expectant mothers and grandmothers in my area.

Once the annual Quiltfest of Jacksonville came to a close, I began working on several other projects.  Let's try - Labor Day:
Then getting ready for a quilt retreat.... (70 of these)
 And now - a wedding gift...

You can keep an eye on my Flickr page or my FaceBook page to see all the projects that roll through my sewing room throughout the year.

     My work differs in that I have an ability to choose colors others would not put together and create beautiful quilts.  I quilt to relax and to express myself creatively.  After practicing law all day and being unable to participate in other activities due to injuries I sustained in a motorcycle accident, I must have an outlet!!  Quilting is it.
     I was asked to explain my creative process.  Somedays I work from patterns with different combinations of fabric, somedays I work from patterns with suggested colors and other days I just piece - Victoria Findlay Wolfe Style.

    I have tried to find others who would participate and have finally learned that Aileen will be next up.  Find her here:    Ami of and Misha of me to this point. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Time has a way of getting away from me!!  Between work and family and quilting, there isn't much time left for blogging.  However, I best get this back up and going.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice

Once again I am blogging to participate in the link up for Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.  Just too many things to do regularly to keep up with blogging.

Step 1 is completed except for the dog ears which will be trimmed during tv time tonight.

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year's Mystery et al

For New Year's Day I managed to work on 2 separate mystery quilts.  We had received the big reveal from Bonnie Hunter and that is still in the works.  The other mystery was on  This one was interesting and challenging and the secret did not reveal until very late on New Year's Day.  Unfortunately I had to return to work so Saturday was a target day to work on that one.  Then a baby was born to a friend's son and his puff quilt had barely gotten past the pinned stage.  So Saturday has been busy.  Also managed to get to 4 blocks for Sophie on Block Lotto.    I also managed to get a charity top together for the Carol Doak group.


EASY STREET is Together

Blogger's new look is not working with me.  However, I have finally gotten all pieces together for Easy Street and the top is together - just waiting on borders.  I am planning dark purple borders and should find some fabric this weekend at the quilt shop while I attend the whole cloth quilt classes Saturday and Sunday.  I am excited as I have taken these classes before and thoroughly enjoyed them - learning tons.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Busy Holidays

Well Christmas and New Years are over and things are trying to settle down a little.  Here is what I worked on over those 2-3 weeks
New Years Day Mystery on
Easy Street Continues

Blogger just won't let me add pictures so I am working with links.  Sorry.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Quilt Inspectors

Quilt Inspecting at its Finest!!

And my quilt inspectors were present and accounted for:

Rowdie who likes to watch too closely
Youngest and most energetic

Roamer who loves a pile of fabric
Sandy who is always quietly present and supportive