Monday, May 30, 2011

A Quilting Weekend

    You have been watching the Round Robin quilts growing.  Here is one more.  Another is on the sewing machine.  These are so interesting, challenging and rewarding.

     Also, while I was down with the injuries from the wreck, lots of friends sent me "Wonky Geese" and there they are so far.  Thank you everyone.

When I was reviewing prior blog entries I saw that I had not posted the two prior Round Robins.  Here they are.  They are being worked on by others now.

Also, I saw a YouTube Video for Quilt 1600 - made with only a jelly roll, sewn end to end then side to side.  This took very little time once they had all been sewn together.  There was no plan and yet a relatively enjoyable quilt - maybe for a teenager.

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