Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011

I was hoping this year might be a little slower than last year, but no such luck.  However, I have been doing some serious mending since my last post.  I can now walk without a can, can use my left arm nearly as good as before I fell and continue strengthening my left leg and ankle to avoid problems in the future.  I have set as my goal - being able to walk from parking to my seat at the Daytona 500 - only a month away.  I am confident I will do this, but I haven't put the scooter in storage yet.

I have been playing catchup with various sewing projects since my last post.  I finished two more blocks for Janet's Scrappy Project on Quilting Forum, made the 9 blocks for Sophie's Block Lotto, finished 6 blocks for the Block Lotto on, and completed 18 blocks for the Card Tricks project on  Pictures are attached.


 Goshen Star
 Swamp Angel
 Double Pinwheels
Card Tricks (6 in each stack)
I am working on two centers for another Round Robin.  I have loved the 2 finished quilt tops I have received and look forward to more.

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  1. I did a small quilt over 25 years ago with several patterns and I love the card tricks block. I am going to try hard to finish some of the projects I've got in (several) drawers. I'm ashamed to say that one not finished is the tshirt quilt I started for Alan in 2003 for graduation. Not quite done yet! I have several crafty goals for 2011.